Why Designing Is Ambiguous to Us

Designing is derived from the Latin word Designare, which mean to designate. It means to do or plan with a specific purpose in mind.

Designing is often confused or restricted to product designing, fashion designing and animation. It is a part of the creative field and is perceived to be an insignificant profession when it comes to other industries.

We, however, do not realise that corporate movies, advertising, marketing and all other industries require a design expert. Without these experts, you cannot make a professional level movie or sell any product, be it a cold drink or cement. To be the best you must hire the best. Xplora Design Skool (XDS) was one of the first to understand the importance and need of this upcoming field. It pioneered the digital design education in India.

Visualization has a stronger communicating and convincing power than ideas expressed verbally. A lot of times ideas are brilliant and execution up to the mark. However, as long as you cannot convey the ideas you cannot achieve the results you may deserve. Budget constraints restrict companies to create prototypes, therefore everything today is based on software, from a toothpaste to a rocket.

The reason designing is so ambiguous to us is the rigidity of the Indian mind. We undermine fields of art and consider science to be superior. We mix career choices with an individual’s level of intelligence. At Xplora, students of all fields come together to create art by integration.

Designing is the career of the future and it is not a limited field. Designing is a process to shape your mind and thoughts. Designing is more of how would you shape your day to day life. A few of the career options in design are: Special effect artist, games developer, animator, graphic designer, content developer, advertising professional, web content developer and audio design professional. What you need to develop is a mindset of “A Designer” or a “Designerly Mindset.”

Xplora Design Skool offers courses on Web Designing, 3D Animation and, Video and Motion Graphics, some of the most upcoming fields of the 21st century. It trains students by using the latest and most advance teaching-learning practices such as design thinking, learning by doing, project and problem based learning, discovery and design research.