Franchisee Partner with excellent Entrepreneurial Skills, Strong motivation, Commitment, Sound Financial background, Ability to manage finances and Passion towards Education and to be part of building a better Society.

  • Setting up of Premise at a prominent locality (Own/Rental) & increasing the capacity of premises as and when required.
  • Promoting Brand Name strongly in the city and getting good number of students in the centre. All local activities related to marketing and promotion will be the sole responsibility of the franchisee this includes advertisements in various medias, conducting local ground events or promotion.
  • Purchase and set-up of Hardware, software and other required equipment as per guidelines.
  • Print & Electronic Content Group
  • Recruitment of staff.
  • Adherence to organization culture and work environment.
  • Willingness to take Trainings.
  • Timely transaction of finances pertaining to franchisee fee, royalty fee, material procurement fees etc.
  • Proper planning and budgeting towards marketing, media & advertisement for generating the required enquiries.
  • Up gradation of the technology & Set-Up as and when required.
  • Getting the required Enrollments through proper team coordination
  • Adherence to the Corporate Identity norms i.e. use of all print & stationery, Advertisements, Company name & Logo etc.