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“The difference between design and art is, a design is all about answers and art is all about questions.” – Bredan Dawes. The term ‘design’ is also confused with, ‘art’. Art for art’s sake, as they say. That’s not to ...

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Design Is Not Just Limited To Fashion

“What do you do for a living?”, my Aunt questioned. “I design for people”, I casually replied.”Oh, so you are into fashion designing. Please do us a favor by designing clothes for your little cousin on her birthday, she stated, ...

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Vocational Education in India

The specialty of India is that the likes, preferences, and culture changes every few miles. This is the reason diversity exists in our country. The printing styles on saris, the food, the culture, language and the superstitions all vary just ...

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Mentorship of a Lifetime

Who says that once you enter the corporate world there is no friend, only foe? Xplora Design Skool is like your parent who is always there when things do not go as per your requirement and you feel the need ...

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The Entrepreneurial India

“Get a stable job and you’ll be set for life”, said once a wise man many years ago. He was right then, he was wise then. Had the man been alive today he would’ve said, “Work for yourself!” You give ...

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