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Design Is Not Just Limited To Fashion

“What do you do for a living?”, my Aunt questioned. “I design for people”, I casually replied.”Oh, so

you are into fashion designing. Please do us a favor by designing clothes for your little cousin on her

birthday, she stated, leaving me with a pale blank face. Design, in India, is such an underrated field.

Engineering and medical fields are the most over rated fields in India. Parents pressurize their

children to take up engineering as their career, thinking that in future they will be secured having an

engineering job in their hands. Another option for parents is for Medicine. Now, wait a minute…! Are

we looking into student’s perspective as to what he/she wishes to pursue and build upon his

interests/passion? Or are we talking about parent’s interest in their children? Think about it! People

in India have a defined mentality that only if you be an Engineer or a Doctor, you can lead a well-settled


And designers simply sit back, design clothes for people and earn the average amount of money by

simply designing clothes for their family members. We need to understand that design is a vast field

and not just limited to fashion. “Good design is good business.”

A design is a realization of concept or idea into a confined drawing, model, plan or specification which

helps achieve the item’s designated objectives. It takes a lot to be a designer and not just knowing

how to dissect and weave various kinds of fabrics into random shapes. Designing needs skills,

thinking, and attitude among the designers. What we call as “Designerly mindset or mindset of


A Clear understanding of art (broadly covering various Design streams, the right amount of technical

knowledge, a perfectly blended mixture of logical, critical and creative thinking and a practical

approach towards life so that he or she can correlate technology with innovativeness at a reasonable

cost. “I strike for two things in design: Simplicity and Clarity. Great design is born of two things.”

Said Lindon Leader, the face behind the famous, award winning FEDEX logo. Designers need to focus

on maintaining the right stretch mark of simplicity and clarity in their design which builds up an easy

medium of communication between the designers and the users.

Design being a vast genre has been categorized into various kinds, Graphic design, User Interface

design, Furniture design, Advertising and Packaging design, Interior design, Landscape design,

Product design, Book cover design, Automobile design, Toy and game design, Animation design and

the list goes on. The electronic products that you utilize, the furniture you bring into your home, the

space design plan required to place your furniture, the advertisements you see, the comic stories

you read, the vehicle you drive, the toys that you buy for your kids, the high graphic games that you

play, the websites you enjoy and spend hours surfing on, are not designed by some fashion designer.

And now 21 st century required design thinker, using design thinking process to solve and come up

with real life solutions to the complex problems the world is transiting through. Every kind of design

has its own kind of requirement. Designers don’t just wake up, step outside, stare at people, design

clothes, earn some money and go to sleep. Every action of every particular designer has a purpose

which is not just limited to fashion. Yes, fashion design is one of the integral parts of design field but

not the only discipline of design.

“Design is not just what it looks like. The design is how it works.” A design which simply looks good on a

piece of paper and does not turn out to be useful to the users, in the real world, then it is very little or

negligible purpose. A designer’s job is to transform that piece of sketch work into a meaningful and

useful product, which involves the products that you use in your daily life other than the clothes you

wear, they might be tangible or then intangible. So, next time you ever come across a person calling

himself a designer, do them a favor by promoting them on the kind of designer they are before

handing them over a project for you and your family.

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