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Specialization Vs Super Specialization

Specialization was the fad that existed longer than it should have. Super specialization is the trend that is here to stay. When you ask a student what do they want to be when they grow up? They will say something their parents have thought about for them. The streams will be much generalized.

Let us take an example of marketing. Though it is a specialization within MBA, there is content marketing, digital marketing, advertising, research etc. The fields within marketing are also very diverse and therefore deciding a specialization is not enough. Based on your competencies and interest you must at least have a vague idea about which field within your specialization is meant for you.  And according to your interest and skills are chosen for super specialization.

In today’s time, it is important to differentiate yourself. You should be unique, have a quality which others do not. Add value to your work and to the organization. You should be the one with the control, not the one being pushed around. Jack of all, master of none, makes you an anybody. Super specialization makes you “The One” to go to.

Be “The One”, Not Anybody.

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