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Life in Canada- Opportunities Personal and Professional

What is Canada famous for?

Canada is a cold country, but the love you get there keeps you warm. It has around 3 million lakes and is known as the cottage country.

What are the opportunities in Canada?

The average package a good designer can expect is around 48,000 Canadian dollars. Which in terms of INR is around Rs. 23 lakh a year.

Canada is known as the digital media capital of the world- thus providing maximum job opportunities. Due to the current Trump effect, opportunities are moving out of the US and are now entering the Canadian market.

How many nationalities?

Canada is a country of immigrants. Justin Trudeau, the president of Canada, has incorporated his members as per the diverse cultures representing the nation. The country consists of individuals from all over the world. Xplora Design Skool has joined hands with Red River College in Canada for one of its programs. The college itself consists of students from over 60 different countries. The mix of culture and history brings about a unique blend enabling individuals to sensitize individuals to cultures and creating understanding and respect for each other.

Canadian degree?

According to a study done by University Affairs, Canada, the unemployment rate in Canada of those holding a Canadian degree versus those holding a degree from abroad was very low. Therefore, it is inferred that Canadian companies prefer employing students holding a Canadian degree than any other.

Xplora gives a platform to students to get this edge over other international students as it provides not only an Indian degree but a Canadian degree as well.

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