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The Entrepreneurial India

“Get a stable job and you’ll be set for life”, said once a wise man many years ago. He was right then, he was wise then. Had the man been alive today he would’ve said, “Work for yourself!”

You give your best when you truly believe in something or else you are doing it entirely for a selfish motive. Why must you work and let your boss reap the profits of your sweat and work? Develop the ability of collaboration, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship.

XDS questions, “When you can work for yourself, why work for someone else?”

Designing is a field in which, within a year or two of studying, you are capable enough to start freelancing. You are skilled enough to take upon minor projects of corporates. This field allows you to be flexible and shift your focus from corporate to filmmaking to graphic novels and more. Choosing a career is no longer about sticking to the same company or even the same field. Design is a field which is niche, but still very diverse. It allows an individual to have a specialization as well as have a huge range of fields to choose from, thus giving him a lot of opportunities.

Our Prime Minister launched the Start-up India program in 2016 to boost the start-up culture and the entrepreneurial spirit in the country’s youth. He too propagates self-employment. With the exploding population of India, the need of the hour is job creation. And with the advent of innovation and 21st-century trends, entrepreneurship holds a huge promise for you!

Xplora provides students the opportunity to get internships while they are pursuing their course. This makes them industry ready and aware of the real world. Students learn the requirements of companies and become apt to start freelancing as early as the completion of their first year, giving them a head start into the industry. Our students prefer being an entrepreneur even though they have job offers in their hands even before they graduate unlike most of the other courses.

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We are India’s premier ISO certified Multimedia & Animation Vocational Education Company, that has over the last decade gained a reputation for Academic Excellence. This resulted into Xplora being recognized nationally when we received the prestigious Shiksha Bharti Puraskar for generating employment through high-end technical education in the field of Animation & Multimedia.

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