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The 21st Century Education

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

How does one make learning effective?

It is said that learning is most effective when students have opportunities to express ideas and get feedback from their peers.

Xplora focuses on the latest and most advance teaching-learning practices. These include: Design Thinking, learning by doing, Experiential learning, project and problem-based learning, discovery and design research, design-driven innovation process and more.

‘21st Century Skill, traits’: Almost all frameworks clearly state the skills that need to be nurtured. This list is large and diverse.

A few of the techniques are explained below:

  • Micro campuses: Training only 90 students per year- thus nurturing and mentoring each student.
  • Dynamic course: study what is required, not out-dated Softwares.
  • Design thinking: A process of creating new and innovative ideas and solving problems
  • Learning by doing: Applying and doing hands on work.
  • Experiential learning: Taking up internships, freelancing and part-time jobs are encouraged.
  • Project and problem-based learning: Evaluation on the basis of the project and not exams.

Having identified the specific traits needed to sustain and thrive in the 21st Century – needs of educational institutions, requisites of students & parents, and specific requirements of society and industry; the next step was to develop innovative, holistic advanced, comprehensive and in-depth solutions for learning.

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We are India’s premier ISO certified Multimedia & Animation Vocational Education Company, that has over the last decade gained a reputation for Academic Excellence. This resulted into Xplora being recognized nationally when we received the prestigious Shiksha Bharti Puraskar for generating employment through high-end technical education in the field of Animation & Multimedia.

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