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Xplora Moves at the Pace of Dynamic India

Why should I study something I will not use in the future?? How many times have you asked this question to your parents? How sure are you that even they don’t know the answer?

Too many questions? Let us provide you the answers. They do not know the answer because the question is wrong. The correct question is, “Should I study something I will not use in the future?” The clear answer, NO!

It makes no sense to learn something which is outdated and will never be used throughout your professional career or otherwise. Does it?

The biggest fear of today is the fear of becoming OBSOLETE. Then why is our education system teaching us that?

The fastest rate at which a curriculum changes in Indian universities is every five years. The rate at which the design world changes, is a matter of months. Can you see the mismatch?

Xplora Design Skool has joined hands with Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University (BAOU) to provide a design course which changes its curriculum in every one and a half years. This allows students to be more up-to-date. This is the reason that when Xplora students are offered internships they are able to perform as per the company’s current requirements instead of having to learn an entirely new software. This is the present scenario in all Indian schools catering to the software industry.

The other major issue in this industry is that software becomes obsolete very fast. A design course in India takes four years. The world is moving too fast and four years is too much. Xplora allows its students to do a three-year bachelor’s degree program rather than four. Our course is designed such that the students enter the industry a year earlier and encash this advantage as have their fellow Xplorian seniors.

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We are India’s premier ISO certified Multimedia & Animation Vocational Education Company, that has over the last decade gained a reputation for Academic Excellence. This resulted into Xplora being recognized nationally when we received the prestigious Shiksha Bharti Puraskar for generating employment through high-end technical education in the field of Animation & Multimedia.

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  1. Great and inspirational post, Well thanks fro updated me, yes we need institute and courses like this.

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