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India is changing – Be Unconventional

Economics says, when supply is greater than demand, the value decreases. When demand is high and supply is insufficient, the value increases by folds.

Gone are the times when you should be a doctor, engineer or a CA. Jobs are filling up, there is an explosion and over population of the conventional fields in the country, and a huge shortage of art professionals. The number of engineers graduating every year in India is 1.5 million, whereas digital designers are limited to an approximate of 2000 graduates a year. Xplora Design Skool is one of the premier institutes creating 150+ design experts every year since 1999.

Did you see it? The amount of opportunity and need there exists in the growing Indian market. Getting into an unconventional field has its strengths. It gives you the power to demand. Knowing a particular field in depth allows you to be the best in it. It gives you a horizon of the futuristic jobs that get created and modified every couple of years.

India has started to change to catch up with the pace of the world. The society is now more accepting and is learning to appreciate the diversity, quality, and impact of integration of arts and science.

With the advent of the futuristic jobs like Simplicity expert, Tele-surgeon, Garbage designer, Robot counselor, healthcare Navigator, Sola technology expert, 3D Printing clothing designer, Augmented Reality architect, City Planners, AI Architect, Material scientists, Virtual reality engineer and much more; The time is NOW! Go Unconventional! Enter the field of Design! Enter the field of design!

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We are India’s premier ISO certified Multimedia & Animation Vocational Education Company, that has over the last decade gained a reputation for Academic Excellence. This resulted into Xplora being recognized nationally when we received the prestigious Shiksha Bharti Puraskar for generating employment through high-end technical education in the field of Animation & Multimedia.

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