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Designing careers are now leading to some of the highest paying jobs

With changing times the way we consume information and communicate is changing completely and most of it is taking place digitally. The consumption of digital content has soared exponentially with the growing number of people who get their entertainment, find information and communicate by means of a digital screen like a Smartphone or laptop.

Every business requires a website or an application to reach out to their customers. Digital Marketing has become one of the primary ways for businesses to engage with their existing and prospective customers. Digital Content has become a crucial element of the way we make day to day decisions whether it comes to buying products or services or just entertaining ourselves. Naturally, this has led to the rise in demand of digital content creators.  These digital content creators whether Graphic Designers, Animators, User Experience or User Interface Designers are becoming more and more essential to businesses. As a result, career paths and roles in the designing industry are turning out to be one of the most sought-after and highest paying.

India’s digital media and advertising industry is undergoing a disruption, the number of Smartphone users is increasing at a pace where it is estimated that by 2020 every second person in India will have access to a Smartphone or tablet.  This has led to higher demand for digital design professionals in India with UI/UX Designing, Video Content Creation (Animation Motion Graphics) being named as top career skills in demand.

Let’s take a look at some of the highest paying jobs for digital designers –

User Experience (UX) Designer

UX Designing is one of the highest paying roles available in the design industry because of it’s high demand. User Experience Designers play a critical role in how products are perceived and used by a customer and ultimately contributing largely as to how satisfied a customer is while using an application or a website.

The salary for a UX Designer in India varies from
Rs. 2 Lacs – Rs. 15 Lacs

Average Annual Salary – Rs. 6 Lacs

User Interface (UX) Designers

Though user interface design is essentially a part of the User Experience Design it is more focused on what the user sees and how they interact (click, scroll etc.) with your website or application.

The salary for a UI Designer in India varies from
Rs. 1.5 Lacs to Rs. 9.5 Lacs

Average Annual Salary – Rs. 4 -5 Lacs

Learn how to become a UI/UX Designer (Hyperlink to RRC Program or any other related program on our website)

Video – game designers

Role of a video game designer is not only high paying but is also highly varied. The work of a video game designer includes plot development, character- sketching, and development of various gameplay elements according to the plot. It is basically developing the concept of a game and then bringing it to life.

The salary for a Video – game Designer in India varies from
Rs. 1.7 Lacs to Rs. 18 Lacs

Average Annual Salary – Rs. 5 Lacs

Animators or Multimedia Artists

Multimedia Artists and Animators create visual effects and animated videos for TV, movies, video games. This happens to be one of the most stable career options as a rate of employment in this area is estimated to grow steadily at 8% up to 2026. Places, where Animators or Multimedia Artists find themselves working, are the film and television industry, PR and advertising or game design.

The salary for an Animator in India varies from
Rs. 1.2 Lacs to Rs. 9.7 Lacs

Average Annual Salary – Rs. 3.5 Lacs

Senior Graphic Designers

Graphic Designers create visual illustrative images such as logos or posters for brands. Senior Graphic Designers lead a team of graphic designers that work for a business. A career as a freelance graphic designer (hyperlink to icp graphic design) may also after certain years of experience lead to a Senior Graphic Designer’s position for a company.

The salary for a Senior Graphic Designer in India varies from
Rs. 2.5 Lacs to Rs. 9 Lacs

Average Annual Salary – Rs. 4.6  Lacs

Web Designers

As the name suggests the primary task of a web designer is to design and create a website. Since every business is online and most people get to know about businesses from their websites, Web designers are the design professionals that never run out of work.  A course in web designing (hyperlink to ICP in web designing on our website) might also help entrepreneurs who can create websites for their own business with complete autonomy and without additional costs of hiring a web designer.

The salary for a Web Designer in India varies from
Rs. 1 Lacs to Rs. 5.2 Lacs

Average Annual Salary – Rs. 2.34 Lacs

Author’s Note: All salaries in the above article are quoted from PayScale India.

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